Thursday, 11 April 2013

Hard Times at the Saltaire Festival

We are pleased to announce that we will be performing Hard Times as part of this year's Saltaire Festival.

The show is pencilled in for the 19th of September and will be performed at the Caroline Street Social Club.

Further details, ticket prices and box office contacts will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Until then, many thanks to the organisers of this great local festival for inviting us to take part.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Times Seem To Be Getting Harder

As we move into the final six weeks or so of our rehearsal period, the underlying themes of Hard Times seem to be ever more apposite. In the last week we have heard several speeches from Government ministers on the current state of our nation. Each of them have used 'facts' to demonise those members of society who rely on welfare and state benefits.

Chancellor George Osborne delivered such a speech to workers at a branch of Morrison's in which he explicitly equated those who work as doing 'the right thing' and those who do not work as doing 'the wrong thing'!

There is evidently no understanding of the challenges that ordinary people face in daily life. But what can we expect from someone who has never faced those challenges? An inherited fortune must take the sting out of being poor!

With the welfare 'reforms' being pushed through Parliament with indecent haste, it won't be long before the harsh realities of life for people in 2013 are the same as those of the mill workers and weavers in Bounderby's mill. How's that for progress?