Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Hard Times Photo Blog Project

We are very pleased to be working with photographer, Michael Laprocina, who is documenting the rehearsal and production process for Hard Times.

Michael is studying for his BA (Hons) in Photography at Bradford College and approached us with the idea of documenting the production process. He will then develop a further body of work based on some of the themes raised by the production as a major project for his final year. We have given him open access to the rehearsal rooms so that he can really become part of the team and capture the whole creative journey. 

Michael has been at two rehearsals so far, either side of the Christmas break, and the first of his photos have been posted on his personal blog. Click HERE to see them. We have also posted a selection of the photos on our website. Michael also very kindly agreed to shoot an image for publicity purposes. 

We hope to have more of Michael's great images, as well as a brief interview with him, soon.