Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Dave's Update for March 2011

Happy March ladies and gents!! Well where do we start? Let’s get through the changes within the Company first.
Martin Knowles has decided that film making is for him, so from the beginning of this year he stepped down from acting roles with Paper Zoo and is now throwing his efforts into his new film company.
Ben Eagle has also decided on a change of direction and can be currently found visiting one of many drama schools and “Old Vic’s” around the country, auditioning for entrance to one of them.
Needless to say these two chaps are co founders of Paper Zoo Theatre Company and may well return at some point in the future should they wish to do so. In the meantime we wish them well in their respective career paths and hope to see them both soon.
And with regards to Paper Zoo it is onwards and upwards!
As you will have read, we are currently in rehearsal for Dennis Potter’s play, ‘Blue Remembered Hills’. Initially I had misgivings about the play but after just a couple of meetings the challenge it poses is something to relish. It is a wonderful story full of childhood friendships and allegiances that turn on a knife edge. The play is haunting and thought provoking in equal measure. The characters are children (played by children) during the 2nd World War down in the West Country, accents and all!! You can see the challenges already.
The tour dates will begin back end of June, actual dates to follow very shortly. We hope as many as you as possible, can see the play in the various venues we’ve got lined up.
Paper Zoo Theatre Company continues to go from strength to strength it seems with great encouragement and support from many followers of our work all chomping on the bit to see the next project.
So, on behalf of myself and the whole of the company, thank you for your continued support.
It is greatly appreciated.
Have a very happy Easter.
David x

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